The Athletic Movement is a youth-specialized athletic training and adult fitness gym. We also offer yoga to compliment our strength training programs. Our 2500 square foot facility in Pound Ridge, NY, is outfitted with turf and rubber sport flooring, merging aspects of on-field work with off-field fitness for a complete training experience.

For our athletes, success is defined by continual and steady improvement over time. This approach helps young athletes build a foundation of strength and guard against injury. Teaching kids to move correctly at a young age can prevent potential developmental setbacks as they mature.

We provide a positive learning environment for athletes to improve their fitness and cultivate love for physical activity. We are here to help bridge the gap from adolescence to adulthood with fitness and wellness. By giving kids the opportunity to explore and enjoy movement, we are providing young people with the tools to become healthy, active adults.


Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

the Founders

Kayser Dixon, a fitness coach and lifelong athlete, began coaching and training young athletes after many years working with adults and noticing the wear on aging athletes’ bodies. Kayser also noticed a pattern of under developed movement patterns in teenage athletes. He knew if he could start teaching young athletes the proper mechanics of movement before the poor patterns developed, he could help create stronger and more injury resistant athletes.

Kayser met Harmony Prom, a nutrition coach and group fitness trainer, at the gym he owned in Minneapolis, MN. They bonded over their desire to lead healthy, active lives. Together they’re pursuing their dream to work with young athletes and adults to bring together a community of wellness-minded families at The Athletic Movement.


THe Coaches

Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

Kayser Dixon
Youth Fitness & Lacrosse Goalie Coach

What is your athletic background?
I grew up playing every sport. If it had a stick or a ball, I was game. I played lacrosse in college and now I’m working to improve my golf game.

What are the top 3 things you wish you could go back and tell your 14 year old athletic self?
1. Mobilize and stretch. Spending more time on prehabilitation and taking care of your body now will make you a more capable athlete as you age.
2. Set realistic goals and work like hell to achieve them.
3. Confidence and success are gained over time through hard work and grit. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing one momentary feat as a marker of long-term success.

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Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

Photo courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography

Harmony Prom Dixon
Adult Fitness & Food Coach

Hi! I’m Harmony. I’m from Minnesota, a little offbeat and I’m enthusiastic about bad puns. I constantly have food on the brain. I have a playful husband and a firecracker of a son who keep my life interesting.

What is your athletic background?
My sport resumé is a wacky combination of high school cheerleader, mid-twenties roller girl and former Crossfitter.

What motivates you to be fit?
When I practice fitness, I feel strong and confident. I can get dressed without an apocalyptic meltdown. It makes me a happier person, a better partner and mother.

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Sung Pak
Chief Body/Mind Mechanic

The pursuit of wellness has been a lifelong passion for Sung, who is a NY and CT Licensed Massage Therapist, strength and conditioning coach and a Pilates instructor.

At an early age, Sung learned the importance of the mind body connection while earning his first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Experience has taught him how to successfully combine bodywork including massage therapy, personal training and Pilates to empower clients to overcome everyday pain and stress. His success in sharing his intuitive body / mind approach inspired him to leave corporate America and share his knowledge by founding Bodymechanics in 2004.

Today, Sung specializes in corrective movement and sport-specific conditioning that incorporates Z-Health Performance and Wellness, Pilates and cognitive & visual training. Sung and Michelle, his wife, and two children reside in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

What is your food philosophy?
I eat real, whole foods and limit the junk. I have tried every style of healthy eating and for me a plant-based, dairy free diet works best. Since eating this way, I have more energy, I sleep better and my brain and body feel properly fueled.

What motivates you to be fit?
Staying young as I get older. At this point in my life I’m not trying to set records. If I can increase my mobility and maintain decent strength so that I’ll be able to hang with my son in 10-20  years, then I’m good. I still push myself every day in the gym; I’m just smarter about it now and do everything with intention.

International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Youth Fitness Specialist
IYCA Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist
IYCA Certified Speed & Agility Specialist
IYCA Certified Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist

What is your food philosophy?
My food-losophy is simple! Eat fresh, local, organic, delicious plants as often as possible and never feel bad about occasionally savoring a giant chocolate chip cookie.

What are your three greatest superpowers?
1. My insatiable thirst for knowledge (read: nerd)
2. I am non-judgmental and easy to talk to
3. My ability to see the big picture from a unique perspective and break things down into easy, actionable steps

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (ITN)
Certified Group Fitness Specialist (ISSA)