Fabulous Mind, Fabulous Body

Ultimate Tune Up to Achieve Peak
Physical and Mental Performance


Athletic movement consists of accuracy, balance and coordination. So basically, we're going to train like athletes. Geared towards all levels and abilities, classes will consist of functional movement, utilizing body weight and gravity.  With an emphasis on connecting the mind and body, we will even 'exercise' our brains and our visual muscles. Most importantly, it's all about laughing and having fun, while you sweat and strengthen your body.

Complementary Sample Class - Thursday, March 14th at 9:00AM


what to expect

15-minute warm up
Gentle joint mobility movements followed by multiple joint range of motion, with an emphasis on spinal mobility. Dynamic forward, lateral and angular motion, to prepare the body for greater workload.

35-minute workout
Utilizing bodyweight, resistance and weighted movements targeting the full body to increase functional movement and agility. Focusing on quality of movement to enhance accuracy, balance and coordination, with the body in motion, while challenging visual and cognitive processing.

10-minute cooldown
Meditative and calming, focusing on full muscular contraction and extension to increase blood flow, after workout. Mindful breathing, while tuning into the soothing sensation of the body at rest.

Memberships & Pricing


8-Week Series Membership

1-Class per week $280
2-Classes per week $480

Drop in for $45