The Workout

You will sweat. You will laugh.
You will be sore in the best way.


The Workout is an adult group fitness class focusing on intentional movement designed to strengthen muscles, protect joints and increase flexibility. You can expect a combination of weightlifting, resistance training, high intensity circuits and intervals, restorative joint mobility and flexibility work.

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what to expect

15-minute warm up
Gentle dynamic flexibility and mobility movements followed by one  or two warm up exercise circuits specifically designed to get your  heart beating and target the muscle groups used in the workout.

35-minute workout
Work through several sets of two to five dynamic bodyweight, resistance and/or weighted movements targeting the full body to increase strength, muscle tone and endurance.

10-minute cooldown
Stretch the muscle groups targeted in the workout to restore mobility, reduce soreness and assist recovery. 

Memberships & Pricing


Class Passes

10-Class Pass $250
20-Class Pass $400

Drop in for $27