Group Classes


Foundations: Ages 9-12

Develops young athletes through movement exploration, experimentation and play. Athletes in this age group demonstrating high levels of fundamental skill will be introduced to mid-level plyometrics, additional sets and repetitions and barbell movements. At this stage we focus on proper technique and monitor athletes closely to allow gradual progression over time.



Athletic Performance: Ages 13+

Intensive training for young athletes who demonstrate proficiency in fundamental movements. Whether the goal is taking their game to the next level, general fitness or being active, this phase helps athletes set and reach their goals through sound training practices and proper execution of movement.



Performance and Personal Training



Training Sessions

Individualized programming designed to help you crush your athletic goals, with up to three other athletes in a team training environment.

SINGLE: $100
8-PACK: $744
12-PACK: $1,050
20-PACK: $1,500


Team Training

Have fun pushing your teammates while building systemic and core strength, increasing mobility, improving speed and agility and developing your overall athleticism. Join your friends for sport-specific training and raise your game by learning and honing skills that will benefit you both on and off the field.

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